A summary of MintSwap's NFT Marketplace for key features.

MintSwap's NFT Marketplace, is designed as a decentralized on-chain system for exchanging NFTs on Mint Blockchain.

On-chain Orders

All NFT exchange orders are stored into the marketplace contract of MintSwap, meaning that developers and users can fetch listings and biddings directly from Mint Blockchain.

The goal of MintSwap is to build such a decentralized NFT trading market, openly share the liquidity of NFTs with the entire Mint Blockchain ecosystem, and improve the transparency of the trading market.

Supported Tokens

NFT marketplace on MintSwap supports trading ERC721 and ERC1155 NFTs, including listing NFTs for sale, bidding to buy NFTs, and also making collection biddings to sweep NFTs.

As for payment tokens, MintSwap supports trading NFTs in ETH and ERC20 tokens while listing, and supports only ERC20 tokens to make biddings currently.

Exchange Fees

There are two parts of exchange fees on NFT marketplace. One is the exchange protocol fee, which is 0.3% on Mint Mainnet at present. Another is the collection owner fee, which is setup by the NFT contract owner of some collection, and once setup, collection owner fee will be charged besides the exchange protocol fee while trading NFTs for this collection.

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