Official documentation for MintSwap, the native DeFi protocol on Mint Blockchain.

What is MintSwap ?

MintSwap is the DEX & NFT marketplace on Mint Blockchain, providing token DEX, NFT trading, and NFTFi functions for Web3 users.

MintSwap is the first native DeFi protocol on Mint Blockchain for the best Mint-native teams and tokens to build on. MintSwap integrates the entire lifespan of a token—from zero to hero—into one protocol. For developers, MintSwap supports exclusive fair launch mechanics and token management tools built by DeFi’s best; and for general users, MintSwap supports advantageous yield and LP opportunities, built-in social and analytic features, and an easy trading experience.

All official links to MintSwap webpages and social media will be linked here. Users should take precaution even when accessing these links, triangulating their validity and safety via sites like CoinGecko, DeFiLlama, and social media mentions and general logic.

Website: Web

Twitter/X: Twitter/X

Discord: Discord

Medium: Medium

GitHub: GitHub


To provide the community with greater transparency into the work that the core contributor team is conducting for the benefit of the MintSwap ecosystem, a high-level public roadmap will be gradually made available and will be regularly maintained for transparency.

Currently in Q2 2024, MintSwap are releasing its token DEX and NFT Marketplace. And more products will be released in the near future.

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