General FAQ

  • What is MintSwap ?

MintSwap is the DEX & NFT marketplace on Mint Blockchain, providing token DEX, NFT trading, and NFTFi functions for Web3 users. MintSwap is the first native DeFi protocol on Mint Blockchain for the best Mint-native teams and tokens to build on.

  • What assets can I trade on MintSwap ?

MintSwap DEX allows trading for a wide range of assets from core tokens like ETH, USDC, and other more ERC20 tokens. MintSwap NFT Marketplace allows trading for ERC721 and ERC1155 NFT assets.

  • Can I withdraw my assets from MintSwap DEX at any time ?

Users can withdraw their assets from MintSwap DEX’s liquidity pools at any time, subject to gas fees and blockchain confirmation times. Impermanent loss may also occur depending on how much the price deviates from its initial deposit price.

  • Can I buy multiple NFTs from one collection on MintSwap NFT Marketplace ?

Users can make collection biddings to sweep multiple NFTs from a single collection, and any NFT holder in this collection can accept your biddings to sell his NFTs to you.

  • Where can I submit collection information on MintSwap NFT Marketplace ?

If you are the owner of the NFT contract, you can go to the collection page, click the green 'edit' button, then verify your collection on NFTScan to finish collection information submission.

  • How can I setup collection owner fee on MintSwap NFT Marketplace ?

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Configure the fee basis point and the recipient wallet in the function setCollectionOwnerFee(), then click Write button to send transaction

  3. Note: 1 basis point is equivalent to 0.01%. e.g. if you set "300" on the "fee", you'll get 3% of the trading volume for your NFT collection as royalty fee

  • How do I stay updated on the latest developments and announcements from MintSwap ?

Follow our Twitter and join our Discord so you don’t miss any important updates !

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